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The Ultimate Online Startup Incubator 


Build Your Startup. Build Your Legacy.

Building a Team

We use effective filters to help you identify individuals with a range of specialities and cultural backgrounds. 

With the use of Machine Learning we give you the option to let us auto-generate a team based on your needs. 

67% Match

Connecting with Mentors

We help you network with mentors that complement your business idea and its vision.  

You will have the opportunity to search and find mentors based on their their area of specialty, language, the size of Startup they want to collaborate with etc. We will analyze both the startups and mentors profiles and match them accordingly 

Generating Capital 

We expect our platform to host a number of startups that are growing and developing over time as their leadership team expands and as they gain expertise.

If made officially public, your idea may be viewed or tracked on the platform. Investor may be incentivized to fund or invest in the next big thing. Will that be your Startup?


Tired of searching for competitions to apply to? At SuaveStart, we keep it simple. Get instantly notified about competitions your idea qualifies for.


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Nicolas Constantinou

Busher Saleh

Harris Hadjiantonis



Our Mission 

We want to help entrepreneurs overcome geographical, cultural and political barriers and build unique startups that are diverse in cultural backgrounds and skill-sets.

We strive to continuously strengthen our platform so that any hard-working entrepreneur no matter age, race or sex has an equal opportunity to effectively launch their idea on their path of building their legacy


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